Sunday May 27 – Sakadawa Retreat Schedule and Restrictions

Sakadawa retreat schedule
11:00am – First session – Teaching on Mahayana precepts followed by taking the precepts
11:30am – Break
11:45pm – Second session: Oral transmission, instruction on the practice and recitation of
The Bodhisattva’s Confession of Moral Downfalls
1:00pm – lunch
2:00pm – Third session: Vajrasattva’s 100 syllable mantra

The eight precepts to keep for 24 hours are:
1. Avoid killing, directly or indirectly.
2. Avoid stealing and taking things without the permission of their owner.
3. Avoid sexual contact.
4. Avoid lying and deceiving others.
5. Avoid toxicants: alcohol, tobacco and drugs (except for medicinal purposes).
6. Avoid eating at wrong time. (Geshe la will explain)
7. Avoid sitting on a high throne or seat with pride. Also avoid sitting on animal skins.
8. Avoid wearing jewelry, perfume, and make-up. Avoid singing, dancing or playing music with attachment.

Note: Avoid eating black foods: meat, eggs, onions, garlic and any food containing animal fat
and eggs.


May/June Schedule Update for Sakadawa

These are the events over the upcoming weeks for the month of Saka Dawa.

Sunday May 27 – 11am to 3pm – Retreat: Mahayana precept followed by confession purification prayers to 35 Buddhas

Tuesday May 29 – 7pm to 8:30pm – Full moon: Tsog offering

Sunday June 10 – 10am to 11:30am – Regular dharma teaching (previously scheduled event is now canceled)

Wednesday June 13 – 7pm to 8:30pm – Last day of Saka Dawa. Full Tara prayer

Further details and reminders will be posted a few days prior to the events.

April Events with Neten Tulku Rinpoche

H.E. Neten Tulku Rinpoche is visiting Calgary in April and will be the guest of honour at our fundraising dinner, Saturday April 14.

Public Events

Neten Rinpoche poster 2018 #2.jpg

Each event is around 1.5 hours in length.

Events at the temple during the week

Full Tara Prayer, Tuesday April 17, 7:00 pm to ~8:30 pm
The usual meditation/prayer session on Tuesday will be replaced with a full Tara prayer.

Medicine Buddha Empowerment, Thursday April 19, 7:00 pm to ~8:30 pm
Powerful in purifying negative karma, healing the sick

Potluck dinner, Sunday April 22, 6:00 pm to ~7:30 pm
We will have a potluck dinner at the temple to mark the end of Neten Rinpoche’s visit.

Regular schedule resumes May 1
There will be a short break in the regular schedule of Sunday teachings and Tuesday prayers. It will resume starting with Tuesday meditation/prayers on May 1st.

The She Nyen Dhun Dhog prayer for Sunday April 29th at 10 AM will be postponed to a later date. Sorry for the inconvenience.