Chotrul Duchen Full Day Retreat

Sunday, March 12, 2017 is the full moon of first Tibetan month known as Festival of Miracles (Chotrul Dhuchin) and is one of the four great occasions in Buddha’s life.

When Buddha was in his 40s, the leaders of India’s six main (non Buddhist) philosophical schools led by Purnakasyapa had challenged the Buddha to a contest of miraculous powers. Buddha agreed, only because he saw how in the future the root of virtue would arise in many beings as a result.

Thousands of followers of the six tirthika teachers adopted the Buddha dharma after that and later became arhats.

In Tibet the whole month is known as Bhumgyur Dhuchen as the effects of positive (or negative) actions are multiplied ten million times during the month and 100 million times on the full moon & new moon days.

In keeping with this tradition Geshe la will lead us in celebrating this great day on March 12th as follows:

10:00am – Mahayana precepts
10:30am – Bodhicitta vows
12:00pm – Lunch (Vegetarian potluck)
2:00pm – Tsog Offering

If you are taking the Mahayana precepts, please do not eat any meat or eggs.

Six Preparatory Practices

The next series of Geshe la’s teachings is on the Six Preparatory Practices (Jorchoe), and will begin Sunday, March 5, 2017. These hands-on instructions will help us to prepare our environment, body, and mind to be open to the presence of the enlightened ones so that our practices become meaningful:

  1. Purifying the space and setting up the representations of body, speech & mind of Buddha. This involves cleaning the altar room, setting up the altar, etc. which will be a very auspicious beginning.
  2. Arranging the offerings
  3. Resting in 7-point Vairochana’s equipoise, setting motivation, taking refuge and arousing bodhicitta
  4. Visualizing the merit field
  5. Accumulating merit and purifying misdeeds through the seven-limb prayer and offering mandala
  6. Requesting inspiration through prayers


Tibetan New Year Celebration

Tibetan New Year (Losar) celebration at our Temple will be on March 5, 2017. After the teaching, we will have an offering ceremony for Geshe la to wish him Happy New Year and also to thank him for the wonderful teachings we received from him.

The program that day will be as follows:

  1. 10am. We will begin the day serving visitors with Dre-si (sweet rice), an auspicious dish served on Losar.
  2. Short teaching on the first part of Jorchoe (to create an auspicious beginning)
  3. Make offering to our teacher with felicitous Khata
  4. Potluck Lunch

Calm Abiding Meditation Course

Saturdays March 11, 18, 25 and April 1

10 am – 11 am (20 minutes sitting, Break, 20 minutes sitting)

As a continuation of the Introduction to Meditation course May, 2016, this
course will focus on practicing calm abiding meditation, and is suitable for
beginners as well as those who participated in the previous course.

See the course page for more details and to reserve a spot.